Call Management

Call Management

What features are available?

We provide many features which will allow you to get the most out of your inbound number. For further information regarding the below features, please click read more.

Call Divert Image

Divert to Landline & Mobiles

Never miss a business call again by diverting your Numbers IQ number to a landline, mobile or both. This feature is great for when your business is moving offices or premises so you don't have to give out a new number to all of your customers and clients.

Welcome Message Image

Welcome Messages

The welcome message feature is an inbound solution necessary for any business wishing to show customers, clients and competitors alike that they are professional and established. Inbound callers will be played a welcome message of your choosing.

Voicmail to Email

Voicemail to Email

Easily manage your voicemails and call back requests using our voicemail to email facility. If your phone line rings out and the call is not answered, a voicemail facility will record a message and then forward the audio via email to one or more email addresses.

VIP Service Image

VIP Service

The VIP Service (otherwise known as a closed caller group) allows the system to treat a pre-registered number making an inbound call to your business differently to normal callers. More technically, the closed caller group allows one or more CLI that is pre-set to be treated differently than normal callers.

Missed Call Image

Missed Call Alerts

Receive an email which will include the number that was called, the number that the call originated from and the time and date of the call to make sure that you have all the information needed to respond to any missed calls.

Time Based Routing Image

Time Based Routing

Time-based routing allows you to manage your business effectively. Simply put, this feature diverts calls to different numbers (or voicemail) depending on the time of the day. Once you have set your time of day routing, this will be automatically applied every day.

Call Whisper Image

Call Whisper

This is a simple feature with a large impact; a pre-recorded message is played to the person answering the phone before the caller is put through that identifies the source of the call. You decide what the pre-recorded message says as the uses differ for every business.

IVR Menus Image

IVR Menus

With keypad department options, your business is given a sense of scale that shows a level of professionalism and efficiency. When the caller has chosen their department, the system will divert the call to the appropriate person.

Reports and call statistics Image

Reports and Call Statistics

Reports are displayed in easy-to-read graphs so that you can immediately access your call statistics at a glance. The data is recorded in real time so that you have full and comprehensive statistics. Historical reports are saved on the portal so that you can access them whenever you need to review your call history.

Ring Hunt Group

Ring & Hunt Groups

Ring groups allow you to divert a call to several numbers until the call is answered. Hunt groups are similar in that they will ring at multiple numbers until the call is answered, but instead of diverting to all numbers at once, it will call at each number individually and transfer if the call is not answered.

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